How to keep Your Laptop in Order

How to keep Your Laptop in Order?

What is a laptop?

We have left behind the answers of childhood like “Lap is on Cole, Top means on Cole, Laptop means on Cole”. Now, by laptop we mean to take a small device out of the bag and do a design illustration or make a slide for a class presentation, or sit on a long-distance bus and enjoy thousands of Netflix TV series.

What is a laptop

Laptop Operation Rules:

Listening to the headline, one might think that now A and B will be taught to operate laptops. But not at all. More or less everyone can run a laptop, but if you don’t know the rules of running a laptop properly, the performance of your laptop can decrease very quickly. Proper use of a laptop will also come in the context of laptop care. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Laptop space:

Many of us like to work with laptops on the bed. Surprisingly, operating the laptop on a flat surface like a bed cushion reduces the performance of the laptop. As you can see, almost every laptop has one or two fans at the bottom, which helps in ventilation or ventilation inside the laptop. Bedding or cushions completely block this ventilation process, as these items are made of cotton trap air. So it is safer to run the laptop on the lap, in a place like a table.

Keyboard & Touchpad:

My uncle was a strange man. When he is typing on the computer keyboard, it is very normal. As soon as he finished writing, when it was time to press the enter button, he pressed the enter button very hard. There are many people who are very fond of the enter and spacebar buttons on the desktop computer. Such love for entering and Spacebar can sometimes be a nightmare for laptops. Laptop keyboards are extremely thin but extremely powerful. Due to the strong keyboard, the laptop keyboard responds with little pressure.

Needless to say, the touchpad is a very sensitive part because there are thousands of motion sensors under the touch bar. It is best to operate the touch bar with only 2-3 fingers.

Battery and charging:

Let’s come to the battery. The battery life of a good quality laptop is about 14-18 hours and long-term use is not a problem. However, when the problem arose, the issue of battery charge came up immediately. There are several myths about charging the battery. One of them is that if you keep the laptop charged all night, the battery of the laptop becomes overcharged. In fact, the most advanced laptops on the market today have a technology that automatically shuts off the laptop as soon as the battery is full. This means that the laptop will not be charged as soon as the battery of your laptop is full. This does not damage the battery at all. However, overnight charging can be avoided due to the risk of electrical disturbances.

Laptop on-off:

A study has found that 28 percent of laptop users do not turn on or off their laptops properly, which is why the lifespan of laptops quickly drops to zero. It can be seen that when the work is done, I fold the laptop nicely and maybe put it next to the bed. It’s good to know that not every laptop shuts down as soon as you fold it, but goes into sleep mode. Slipmodel should only be used for battery saving without turning off the laptop completely. When the work is done, the laptop should be turned off with the help of shutting down from the operating system without pressing the power button.

Laptop usage restrictions:


  1. Always take care to keep the laptop away from food and water. Just as dry food can paralyze a laptop’s keyboard, water can freeze a laptop. In the event of water leaking inside the laptop, the laptop must first be disconnected from the electrical connection and left in a high place for at least 24 hours.


  1. It is better to wash your hands before running the laptop. Oily or wet hands are great at destroying the touchpad. Those who have trouble sweating should wipe their hands with a tissue or handkerchief after a while.
  1. If you lose a match in FIFA or hang Windows severely, it often seems like you throw away the laptop in front of you. Remember, the fault cannot be with any instrument. So the laptop can not be hit in any way. A minor injury can damage the laptop screen or the entire computer.


  1. Laptop carriers must be used for laptops. Just as there is a risk of external pressure on the laptop when you carry the laptop in your bag, there are also various scratches on the outside of the laptop. So, in this case, we have to be careful.


  1. No heavy objects can be placed on the laptop at all. Heavy objects sometimes cause severe damage to the laptop screen, which can lead to problems such as a black screen, not turning on the laptop, patching cracks in the laptop screen.


  1. Each laptop has a genuine licensed operating system, which must be installed separately on the desktop computer. Due to the existence of genuine operating systems, it is a must to constantly update the operating system of the laptop, whether it is Mac OS or Windows. Also, the need for antivirus to be ready to fight an enemy-like virus is incomparable!


  1. As can be seen many times, laptops become extremely slow. One of the reasons for this may be that some unwanted files are stored in the operating system. To delete these files, go to the Windows Start menu and open Run. Then type “recent”. Clicking OK will remove many files and delete all the files one by one.

In this way, instead of recent, you have to do the same by typing temp,% temp%, prefetch.


  1. Most laptops have a processor, RAM, or graphics card – none of which is changeable. So these parts should never be “overclocked”.


  1. What to do if the laptop is not on-Disconnect the electrical connection and open the laptop battery from the back and leave it for some time. Many laptops hold the power button for 3-4 seconds and the laptop resets. However, the laptop should not be reset if the necessary information is not stored elsewhere. Even if the laptop is free of charge, it often does not boot the laptop.


  1. Laptops should be used only when the internal temperature of the laptop is close to 60-70 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it can be a bad experience like burning the circuit on the laptop.


  1. Overall laptops should be serviced at least once a year. This will make your laptop durable for many years.

Imagine a world without computers and laptops? Having trouble imagining? It has to happen! If you don’t want to imagine this, start taking care of your laptop today.

What is a laptop

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