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Experienced Graphic Designer in Bangladesh

I am Rakib Dewan, a professional and Experienced Graphic Designer in Bangladesh. I have well experience in Graphic design with a demonstrated history of working in the Freelancing industry and I am still learning a lot every day. Now I am working in the Graphic Designing field for over 4+ years and my passion made me confident. Also, help me to take my knowledge to the next level. Alhamdulillah
I started my journey online since I was in college days. Then I started gathering interest in Graphic designs and I observed some very Experienced Graphic Designers in Bangladesh and learned many things from them. After practicing, I became more skilled in this sector. I have Created this Website just only to share my knowledge on Freelancing. Although I already unlocked the big achieve like other Experienced Graphic Designers in Bangladesh to tell others also I am really happy with my position and I believe that everyone (Beginner’s in Graphic design) will be benefited from this website.


rakib dewan

My Working Experience ( Local and International )

Local site >

I have been working in many Local Companies for 2 years. I have completed many Local projects and all the clients have been very satisfied with my work. The Local companies have many experts and experienced Graphic Designers in Bangladesh. They observed my work and appreciated it. Now I am working there as a Senior Graphic Designer.
However, I am involved in many other well-known companies. I have attended many meetings and seminars.
When I found myself in difficulties working alone and found problems, I created a team of some senior and experienced Graphic designers in Bangladesh. Now I, with the team are completing many projects easily.

International site>

After doing many local projects I realized that I should start working on International platforms. We worked for the team wisely. We handled many International company’s Tasks successfully. They are also very satisfied with our work.
Besides, I am working on many International Market places ( Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.) and reusable market place ( Graphicriver, Creative Market, Code Graph, 99 Design )
I have my portfolio there.
Altogether my career in Graphic Design is going well as per my expectations. And I am very happy with my position.

Experienced Graphic Designer in Bangladesh

My extra Contribution Towards the Beginner’s in Bangladesh

As I am an Expert and responsible Graphic Designer in Bangladesh, my moral duty is to teach or enlighten Beginner graphic designers who are struggling to enrich their knowledge about designing. Throughout my journey I even have faced many problems but, I never look behind rather I always am confident and worked harder than before. That’s why recently I am teaching and guiding them with the proper knowledge to become an expert designer as we want everyone should become successful in their goal of life. To become an Expert Graphic designer, you have to be confident about yourself and have to be courageous in life. That’s how I have succeeded in my life.

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